Brokerage Services
At Midwestern Benefit Solutions we pride ourselves on being an outstanding partner helping brokers both small and large with a collection of sales and service solutions designed to make your agency more effective, more competitive and more efficient. At Midwestern Benefit Solutions we are more than just a commission clearing house. Our service and support teams will work with your agency through every step of the new client sales process: from RFPs, to proposals, to post client service and support. At each step in the process, we are here to help.

Coupled with our sales and service support, Midwestern Benefit Solutions also brings a collection of industry leading technology solutions to your finger tips at a fraction of the cost available in the market place. With a collection of broker tools, your team has 24x7 access to important sales and service information. For brokers looking to take technology to the next level, Midwestern Benefit Solutions' integrated broker CRM system enables you to track all prospects, clients and vendors while instantly seeing all service work and notes handled by the Midwestern team.

Have you ever found yourself pressured out of a deal by a larger broker offering HR and employee self-service solutions? With Midwestern Benefit Solutions' collection of technology services you will now have the tools to compete at all levels of the value proposition. Offering a collection of HR, Research, Employee communication and Enrollment solutions, Midwestern Benefit Solutions can help propell your agency to the next level!

For more information about Midwestern's general agency services, please contact Terry Allen at 800-574-6470 x. 122 or Gary Altman at 800-574-6470 x.112.

Midwestern Benefit Solutions * Offices in Texas, Tennessee, Illinois and Minnesota * 800-574-6470
Group Benefits * Individual Insurance * Property & Casualty
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