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At Midwestern Benefit Solutions we believe that the customer comes first. We look forward to the opportunity to meet with you and help devise a strategy to take your insurance and benefit programs to the next level.

(P) 800-574-6470
(F) 800-574-6470

Sales Team
Bill Gorman Partner x. 111
Gary Altman Partner x. 112
Terry Allen Sales Manager x. 122
Janelle Andrews Marketing Manager x. 124
Ann Levine Sales Agent x. 125
Corey Ackers Sales Agent x. 114
Timothy McDonald Sales Agent x. 119

Service & Support Team
Josh Flynn Vice President of Operations x. 121
Melissa James HR Services Manager x. 126
Rick Farlow Senior Account Manager x. 113
Karin Hanson Senior Account Manager x. 116
Amy Price Account Manager x. 120
Lisa Keating Account Manager x. 115
Martha Daniels Account Manager x. 123
Theresa Manning Account Manager x. 127
Diane Perry Service Representative x. 117
Kim Fox Service Representative x. 128
Mary Pense Service Representative x. 118

Midwestern Benefit Solutions * Offices in Texas, Tennessee, Illinois and Minnesota * 800-574-6470
Group Benefits * Individual Insurance * Property & Casualty
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