Individual Benefit Solutions
Midwestern Benefit Solutions serves the individual concerned with assuring their economic potential. For corporate executives this means careful analysis of employer-provided coverages and the selection of complimentary programs for diversification of wealth and financial planning. Few executives live on a fraction of their working incomes and the prospect of doing so during disability or retirement is impractical.

For the self-employed professional, obtaining company style benefits on an individual basis is always a challenge. Here too, Midwestern Benefit Solutions can provide access to markets with the plan choices and cost comparisons necessary for informed purchase decisions.

  • Annuities
  • Disability
  • Individual Dental
  • Individual Medical
  • IRAs
  • Life Insurance (term, whole, universal)
  • Long-term Care

Midwestern Benefit Solutions * Offices in Texas, Tennessee, Illinois and Minnesota * 800-574-6470
Group Benefits * Individual Insurance * Property & Casualty
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